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Waterproof Remote Control

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Key Features

  • Waterproof & Worryproof Design
    • Designed for reliability in any
    • Withstand spills and accidents without
    compromising performance.
  • Stay Clean, Stay Connected
    • The MED-PAT WP-1 allows you to
    stay connected without sacrificing
    • Perfect for healthcare, hospitality, and
    home environments.
  • Big Buttons, Easy to Use
    • Oversized buttons for effortless
    • User-friendly design suitable for
    everyone of all ages.
  • Easy to Program
    • Simple programming for seamless
    • Tailor the remote to fit your
    preferences effortlessly.
  • Custom Branding
    • Showcase your brand with custom
    logo and colors.
    • Elevate your identity in every room.
  • Proprietary Holders
    • Ensure remotes are easily found and
    • Organize and streamline remote
    control management.
  • Meets ROHS Requirements
    • Compliant with environmental standards.
    • Environmentally conscious design.
  • Battery Powered
    • Utilizes 2 AA batteries (not included).
    • Long-lasting power for extended use.
    • Hinged battery compartment cover to
    minimize loss.
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible with a majority of TV/STB/HDTV
    brands and models.
    • Versatile functionality for widespread use.
  • FCC and CE Approvals
    • Ensures compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Trust in a remote with certified performance.

WP-1 Remote Control

Waterproof Remote Control

Elevate Your Remote Control Experience!
Experience the convenience, durability, and innovation of the INN-PHONE WP-1 Universal TV Remote Control. Whether used in a healthcare setting, hospitality environment, or the comfort of your own home, this remote is designed to meet your needs.